Dr. Prince Hamid Armah, Executive Secretary of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (#NaCCA) writes:

As with all efforts, our curriculum reforms will be most effective if we all work together. NaCCA not only appreciates but actively seeks the opinions and contributions of all relevant stakeholders. So for the first time ever, we have made the draft (common core) curriculum available online for download.

The common core curriculum centres on a set of nine subjects from Basic 7-10 and is meant to prepare students for post-secondary education, work or both. Please follow the link to download the draft version and let us hear from you.

On Friday 28th February, 2020, we will also host a one day stakeholder forum at the T.A Bediako Hall at the headquarters of the Ghana National Association of Teachers. Through these engagements, we aim to evolve an inclusive curriculum development process that ensures that the learning experiences we offer to our children and young people are truly reflective of and responsive to the needs of this country.

Together, we can craft an effective and progressive curriculum for the good of our children and our country.