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National data collection and reporting

NaCCA together with NIB and EMIS is responsible for collecting, managing, analyzing, evaluating and reporting statistical and related information about educational outcomes. This includes the development of national Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for reporting the performance of Ghanaian schooling.

EGRA, EGMA, NEA sample assessment national reports


NaCCA will publish the national reports for the EGRA/EGMA – literacy and numeracy on this page.

  • Ghana 2015 EGRA-EGMA_22Nov2016_FINAL

These data sets are sourced from various data collections, including the EMIS database, the Survey of Education and Work.

Interpreting the data


All data should be interpreted with caution and in the relevant context. To avoid misinterpretation of data, the data in the data portal should be used/read in conjunction with the annual National Report on Schooling in Ghana and the notes and caveats associated with each part of the portal.

Data provided through the portal is updated regularly and aims to provide the user with the most up-to-date information available.

Please note that the data portal may include more recent data than the currently published edition of the National Report on Schooling in Ghanaian.