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P2 National Standardized Test (NST)

Activities in 2022

_L3A0643 _L3A0733 _L3A0764 _L3A0761 _L3A0775 _L3A0778 _L3A0886 _L3A0794 _L3A0844 _L3A0870 _L3A0824 _L3A0821 _L3A0825 _L3A2984 _L3A3254 _L3A3256 _L3A3253 _L3A3166 _L3A3142 _L3A3170 _L3A3120 _L3A3097 _L3A3028 _L3A3070 _L3A3026 _L3A3008 _L3A2993 _L3A2988

  Stakeholder Engagement with Vice Chancellors Ghana (VCG) on the Secondary Education Curriculum.

Stakeholder Engagement with Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) on

the Secondary Education Curriculum.

NaCCA Signs Performance Agreement

with the Minister of Education



The Governing Council for NACCA

inaugurated four Sub-Committees.


NaCCA meets Subjects Associations

on Secondary Education Curriculum