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NaCCA governance and advisory structure

NaCCA was established under Education Act 778 of 2008. We are an independent statutory body. Our work is directed by the Governing Council which consists of

  1. the chairman,
  2. the executive secretary of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment,

One representative each of

  • the National Council for Tertiary Education,
  • the National Teaching Council,
  • the National Accreditation Board,
  • the National Board for Professional and Technical· Examinations,
  • the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training,

  • the National Inspectorate Board,
  • the Ministry responsible for Education, not ·below the rank of a Director,
  • the Association of Ghanaian industries,
  • the Ghana Employers Association,
  • the teacher Association,
  • the Catholic Bishops Conference and the Joint Anglican Diocesan Council.

Council Membership

The present Governing Council of NaCCA was inaugurated on the 26th of July, 2017 and held its first meeting on xxx. The Governing Council has a Chair, Executive Secretary and 19 other members, representing the various interest groups in the education sector.